Here are some common questions asked about Meadows of Morinville.

It the Community family-friendly or age restricted?

Meadows of Morinville is a family friendly Community. We openly welcome everyone.

What does architecturally controlled mean?

Architecturally controlled means that we have minimum requirements for home exteriors and accessory buildings. There are rules around fencing, sheds, garages, landscaping, yard maintenance and cleanliness. These architectural controls allow for the Community to look great for many years.

Is the lot leased or owned?

All the lots in Meadows of Morinville are leased lots.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed in the Community, however, we do have a limit of two pets per a household. This could be two cats, two dogs or one cat and one dog. The Community has some breeds of dogs that are restricted. All residents are also required to comply with the Town of Morinville bylaws.

Is garbage street pick up available?

Yes, there is weekly curbside garbage and recycling pick up.

Are utilities included in the lot rent?

No. Each resident is responsible for their own water, sewer, power and gas.

Can I have a garage?

Approximately 75% of the lots in the Community are large enough to accommodate a garage. The standard size of garage is 14’ x 24’. Larger garages are available – please contact us for more information.

Are RVs allowed on site?

Unfortunately, we do not have RV storage on site. RVs are not allowed to be stored on your driveway, however, residents are permitted to bring their RVs on site for 24 hours to load and unload. There are several RV storage solutions with 10-15 minutes from the Community.

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