Architectural Controls

Architectural Controls

Meadows is an architecturally controlled community, meaning that the exteriors of all of the residences in our community must conform to selected design criteria.

The Architectural Controls have been carefully designed to ensure the very highest standards of visual appeal and image; ensuring compatibility between homes in the Community and a pleasant streetscape. Approved exteriors were designed to ensure no two houses look the same. Garage exteriors match the siding and the shingles from the house to create a pleasing uniformity.

The architectural controls and Resident’s Guidelines also ensure that the homes and sites in our community are always well-maintained, protecting everyone’s investments and ensuring this community remains a desirable place to live.

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Professionally Managed & Maintained

No need to gather volunteers for a condo board, we employ a Community Manager who ensures the Community standards are maintained throughout.

Our Community Maintenance team takes care of all of the snow removal and maintenance in the common areas.

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