The Evolution of a Trailer Park: How communities like Meadows of Morinville are re-inventing the industry

Mobile, modular or manufactured? That is the age old question. At Jandel Homes we’re committed to breaking the stigma surrounding modular homes by providing insight on where they came from, where they are now and where they’re going in the future. 

Communities like Meadows of Morinville are re-inventing the industry by challenging you to rethink everything you thought you knew about “trailer parks”.

Why we don’t say ‘trailer’ or ‘trailer park’

You might be wondering why some communities are referred to as a “trailer park” when others, like ours, are not. Truth be told: referring to homes as trailers is simply an outdated term. The term ‘trailer’ was used to define older off-site built homes prior to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) conformance. From 1955 – 1965 mobile homes were often referred to as trailers because they were approximately 400 sq.ft. therefore many owners could pop them on a truck and tow them from one location to the next. They truly were a house on wheels! This was before CSA Standards were in place and homes were typically built to the American Mobile Home Standards which was accepted by Canadian jurisdictions. 

Fast forward to 1997, and modular homes are now built to the Alberta Building Code (ABC) using CSA-A277 Certification process required by the ABC or greater. To this date in Alberta, home continue to be built and certified use CSA-A277.

We refer to our homes as “modular” for a few reasons. One being that our modular homes are on average triple the size – not something you’d hook up to your pickup and tow to the next location! For that reason alone, it’s safe to conclude that our community has modular homes, not trailers, and there’s no need to refer to it as a “trailer park.” Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the history of modular homes.

Trailer vs. Modular Home: Other Considerations

We know there is still a stigma surrounding modular homes. But, we want to assure you that our homes are not trailers and there’s a reason we don’t use that terminology. Let’s first define what a modular home is.

Modular Home: A factory-built home constructed in compliance with local building codes. The homes are typically shipped to the site in two or more sections. The homes may or may not have a longitudinal sub-frame. Note that the term “modular” denotes a method of construction – not a style of home. Modular homes can be built as bungalows, multi family, bi-levels, two storey, rancher or cape cod. 

Find more industry specific terms on Jandel’s glossary of terms page:

At its core, modular homes are just that – modular. They aren’t a holiday trailer you’d pull behind your truck and move from one place to another. Truly, any home can be made mobile by being placed on a house moving trailer and moved to a new location. But you simply wouldn’t do that frequently with a modular home. Our modular homes are precision built, inside a state of the art, climate controlled manufacturing facility.

Not only are modular construction methods precise, but they dramatically reduce construction time. Even better, the speed of production enables us to reduce the total project duration, which reduces your financial risk, site management costs and professional fees. Modular construction is modern, innovative and a smarter way to build.

We’re not your typical trailer park!

Meadows of Morinville is not like your typical trailer park. We take pride in creating a tight-knit community of like minded people. We want people to feel confident they’re buying into a community that is going to be held to the highest standards of cleanliness in order to protect their investment. 

Below are some key differentiating factors between Meadows of Morinville and your stereotypical trailer parks:

– Estate sized lots [sizes average approx 50’ wide by 108’ long]
– Accommodate garages of all sizes
– Professionally managed and architecturally controlled
– Common amenities area with covered gazebo, BBQ and games
– Turnkey packages – you don’t need to worry about doing any of the work!

Learn More About The Meadows

You don’t need to buy a massive house if you don’t need it. You can still have all the luxuries in Meadows of Morinville.

What started with merely 400 sq.ft. of mobile living has transformed into an award winning industry. Our modular homes have kept functionality at their core because that’s what initially drew people this method of building. 

Our thoughtfully designed floorplans utilize every corner to give you the most value for your dollar. Who says you need a massive house? Shop our best-selling floorplans between 1,000 sq. ft. and 2,000 sq. ft. on our website.

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Repeat after us: “trailers” and “trailer parks” are so 1950s. We’re proud to play a role in reinventing the modular home industry and shed light on the benefits of choosing the modular advantage. 

Contact our friendly Housing Consultants if you’re ready to see how modular construction could be the right fit for you.

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