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Design Ideas | May 28th, 2021

As we spend more time in our homes, it’s becoming clear just how important our interior space is. Design, layout and features all contribute to the overall feel of our home and it’s important to ensure that our space reflects our personal style. 

This year we’ve brought in new options for our customers to continue designing modern, custom modular homes, with their own personal touch!

Let’s take a look at the new options available.

Timeless Black Lighting Package

Black never goes out of style. It’s a classic element to any interior design that can pack a punch where you need it to, yet seamlessly tie together every room in your home.

These lighting options are available for your kitchen, dining room, bathroom and living room fixtures.

Take your love of black accents further by sprucing up your door handles and faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms as well.

Opt for the back door handles and faucets, too!

Last year, we made the early prediction that black hardware would be a trend… and we were right.

Our customers loved pairing these drawer pulls with the white cabinet color option. The two contrast beautifully and really tie the room together! 

We even have door levers

This door lever was a customer favourite last year, too. It jazzed up the room as opposed to having the standard circular door knob.

Everything you need for your dreamy farmhouse feel can be found in our decor room. With sliding barn doors to cozy fireplaces – we’ve got you covered!

The Perfect Sliding Barn Door

We’re showing black hardware on our sliding Conmore barn doors as featured in our Pinnacle Show Home. 

Do you love the idea of tying your black hardware with these doors? We sure do! 

If you’re looking for a more neutral farmhouse feel, we also have the option to install a pinewood barn door with black hardware.

It doesn’t need to be Christmas for you to be cozy!

Create a beautiful farmhouse accent with one of three distressed mantles. Pictured on top is our dune distressed cap, farmhouse distressed cap in the middle and our rustic distressed cap underneath. 

The color selections are bright enough to make a statement, while still being neutral enough to stand the test of time. 

Any of these mantles would look beautiful over our slimline fusion fireplace! This sleek fireplace style offers a modern aesthetic while keeping you cozy all year round. Bonus: this fireplace has availability for interchangeable wood or a glass firebed.

Cancel the spa day – experience relaxation in the comfort of your dreamy ensuite!

Do you ever feel like you need an escape? Look no further than these dreamy ensuite options.

Upgraded Oval Soaker Tub and Jets

Our customers are always swooning over the Pinnacle’s ensuite. Featured here is our oval soaker tub with jets – could you imagine having a bubble bath with your favourite book here?

Stand Up Shower Options

This standup shower can also be found in the Pinnacle. Did you know you can tile your entire shower? Tiles come in a variety of styles and can add luxury to your space.

Dual Vanities with built-in medicine cabinet

Storage and space can make or break a bathroom! The Pinnacle is a prime example of where functionality meets luxury.

Dual ensuites make getting ready in the morning incredibly easy, especially with ample cabinet space under each sink! 

We’ve added a medicine cabinet in the centre of these vanities to help keep toiletries off the counter and stored in a place that’s easily accessible.

The Kitchen is the heart of your home – make it your own!

Most often the kitchen is the first thing you see when you walk into a home. While it’s important that your kitchen is aesthetically pleasing, it’s even more important that it’s functional.

New Countertop Colors

This year we’ve added a variety of new countertops to our decor lineup. These options are all unique in their own way! 

What we love most about these is how flexible they are – they can be paired with almost any cabinet and flooring color and still look incredibly put together!

Cabinet Colors

Cabinet colors are a big decision. To go bold or to play it safe? If you aren’t sure which cabinet colors you should choose, don’t fret! We have samples in our Decor Gallery for you to view with our friendly team of Housing Consultants. They’ll help you make the best decision for your custom modular home.

You don’t need more space, you need functional storage.

When we don’t have enough room, it’s easy to assume more space is required. We like to challenge that belief with functional space. Items like pots and pans can be stored in drawers instead of cupboards and bulky bottles of wine can be placed in a wine rack. Those cookie sheets? Consider adding a built-in cookie tray holder!

We’re here to help!

Jandel Homes has been building custom modular homes for over 45 years. If you have an idea for your dream home, we can likely make it a reality! Learn more about our home purchasing process on our website or get in touch with our team to start the process today.

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