Alternative Retirement Living in Morinville

Simplify Your Life | February 11th, 2021

One common goal we all share is working towards retirement. It’s the beginning of a new and exciting chapter. It’s the moments of freedom, choice and relaxation that we spent a lifetime working towards! Many retirees know the lifestyle they’re looking for during this season, but finding the right place to live can be a challenge. 

So, where does a retiree go to downsize while still maintaining their freedom? They come to Meadows of Morinville, of course.

A better alternative to traditional retirement living.

 There’s a ‘norm’ when it comes to retirement living and we want to change that. Typical options include staying in your current home, downsizing to an apartment/condo or moving directly into a retirement home. Let’s explore these. 

Staying in your current home is the first option. You’ve worked hard for your home, so you should enjoy it! But, the upkeep will eventually become too much and will require a hard look at exploring other options.  

Downsizing to an apartment/condo is the second option. This option certainly isn’t for everyone. On one hand, it can mean fewer bills and less cleaning. But, on the other it can be an adjustment if you’ve been used to having your own space. 

Moving directly into a retirement home is the third option. However, you might not be ready for this if you’ve just retired.

If these three options don’t feel right, then we’d like to offer a fourth: choosing to make life less complicated in Meadows of Morinville.  

How Meadows of Morinville is bridging the gap toward retirement living.

Meadows of Morinville is a modular community minutes north of Edmonton. Our community balances your desire for freedom with your need for manageable living arrangements. It’s a great alternative to senior living where you can own your detached single-family home, with a fenced yard, from just $170,000!

Our thoughtfully designed plans have one single floor, open concepts and modern touches throughout. You’ll have an opportunity to live in a home you’re proud to show off!

Experience manageable mortgage payments with the freedom to still live life on your terms. Living in our community will give you more time and money to do what you love.

This is a unique land-lease opportunity – perfect for your in-between seasons of life. 

Why land lease is the perfect fit for now.

Time and time again our visitors are pleasantly surprised when they tour our community. When they see the concept of owning their home without paying a cent for the land, home ownership feels more attainable during this season of their life. 

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, too. 

After touring our community you’ll notice that you can still have the things you love, just on a smaller scale without losing the necessities.

We chose Morinville for a reason

When we launched this concept, we knew it had to be in the right community. That’s why we chose the vibrant community of  Morinville. Residents in town enjoy a small town feel with big city amenities! 

Retirement should be a season of slowing down and this community runs at the perfect pace. You’ll love grabbing coffee from a local shop, having the convenience of transit and a family clinic, staying fit with the Morinville Leisure Centre and being just minutes north of Edmonton.

Are you ready to explore an alternative option to traditional retirement living? We’d love for you to tour our community and see how living in Meadows of Morinville can be the right fit for your lifestyle. Contact one of our friendly Housing Consultants or stop into our Sales Centre – we can’t wait to meet you!

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